Faceplate - Rite

Faceplate - Rite


Faceplate unique to black resin dolls.

Additional faceplates for dolls v.2.5 feature new system with a locking nut to easily swap/detach different styles of face/hairplates.

Faceplate includes a set of glow-in-the-dark eyes (6mm in diameter, red color by default) and features transparent horns in addition to eyes, red color by default


Dimensions (depending on faceplate type, numbers shown are for Faceless type):

Height: 60mm (2.36 in.)

Width (side): 65mm (2.55 in.)

The locking nut is intended for neckjoint with a 16mm (0.63 in.) diameter ball. Locking nut inner hole diameter (intended for a silicone insert) is 14mm (0.55 in.). Silicone insert included for the locking nut.


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