Faceplate - Mjod

Faceplate - Mjod


Additional faceplates for dolls v.2.5 feature new system with a locking nut to easily swap/detach different styles of face/hairplates.

Due to its complex shape, this unique faceplate won't fit a standard hairplate and comes as a complete unit. It will fit any v.2.5 doll though.


Dimensions (depending on faceplate type, numbers shown are for Faceless type):

Height: 60mm (2.36 in.)

Width (side): 65mm (2.55 in.)

The locking nut is intended for neckjoint with a 16mm (0.63 in.) diameter ball. Locking nut inner hole diameter (intended for a silicone insert) is 14mm (0.55 in.). Silicone insert included for the locking nut.


Please, read the information page on our products before placing an order.

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