Payment and Layaway

After you place an order, we will manually send you a PayPal invoice at the e-mail address you provide during checkout. Please make sure this e-mail address is correct.

The invoice for preordered dolls allows partial payment, but you can pay a full price if it is more convenient for you. A layaway is applicable for orders with dolls and is not available for orders with accessories only.  Layaway is also not applicable for dolls in stock.

The first minimum payment to secure a doll during a layaway is $80, and it is non-refundable. You can pay off the rest of the sum whenever you like in any amounts within a 120-day period. Please use the invoice we send you for all subsequent payments.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: It requires no less than 120 days to make a doll and ship it to you even if a layaway is paid off earlier.

We will be able to ship the doll only after a full payment has been made. We kindly ask you to make a first payment for a doll within 5 business days after you receive an invoice, after which we will cancel an unpaid order without further notice.


You can send dolls and/or accessories back to us within 14 business days after delivery. However, you will have to pay shipping costs and these are non-refundable.


Our shipping is free of charge for all orders!

Items will be shipped by regular airmail with a tracking number. Due to pandemic-related disruptions shipping will most likely take a long time from one to four months. If items are not delivered after four months however, we will be able to issue a refund or make a new doll and/or accessories for you.

For any questions regarding shipping (if you need an express shipping, for example), please contact us before placing an order.


Please note that our dolls are made entirely by hand, including silicone molds and polyurethane resin casts.


There may be some minor imperfections in the finisted doll (i.e. tiny bubbles in some parts that are not normally visible or little specks caught in the resin during the casting process).


These imperfections do not affect the overall appearance of the doll in any substantial way.


We always try our hardest to make creations of highest quality.